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Raze 2 – The Most Played Computer Game

Raze 2 is now among the most played computer games just like Getaway Shootout due to its addictiveness and easiness to learn. It is a game that is suitable for both experts and beginners. With the various challenging levels involved, raze 2 will definitely keep you glued on your pc for a very long time period. If you are looking for a computer game that is very easy to play and will give you the challenges that you need, this is the game to go for. But what does this game entails?

The Raze 2 involves arming yourself with various kinds of weapons then attacking the opponents that are also equally armed and aiming at eliminating you. As a player, you are required to select a weapon with numbers 1-9 then use it to fight the enemies. Since different weapons will be more appropriate in various positions/levels, it is very important to select a weapon that is efficient enough to kill your opponents quickly. Here is where you can play the game on the official website. if you want to learn how to play the game, read below:


The best thing about Raze 2 is that you can either use the arrows keys or a given set of alphabets for movement. By pressing the arrow keys, you will be able to move your player to the same direction pointed by the arrow. As for the alphabets, W is used for upward movement, A for left movement, S for downwards movements, and D for rightward movement. The space key is used to jump.


You use 1-9 number keys for selecting various weapons with each number representing a particular weapon. Then letter Q can be used interchangeably with the letter E to switch weapon- a task that is also performed by pressing shift or enter. But if you want to aim and shoot, you use the mouse. Other keys involved are F/Ctrl for Use Ability and Esc or letter P to pause the game.

Potty Racers 2

Potty Racers 2Now about second version of the game, idea stays the same, jump as far as you can with your vehicle, earn as many points as it is possible, perform many stunts and tricks, earn high scores, visit shop and buy new upgrades to improve your results.

Potty Racers 2 was released shortly after the first version (Bonk io), game was so popular that developers created second version with decent improvements, so if you have completed all challenges in the first version of the game, bought all upgrades and unlocked all stunts, you can start to do the same thing here, you will find it very interesting that there are couple of new additions, new upgrades and new challenges as well, one of the main events is the possibility to transform your vehicle into flying machine and cover huge distances.

One more addition to this version of the game is goal system, it works in the following way: in order to play at the next level you will have to accomplish goal first, for example you will have to fly 1500 feet or something like that.

One more important thing to note, be careful when performing different stunts, make sure that you still have enough space or you will land on your head and that will cause some big loss in points.

Few words about tricks, in total you have four unlockable tricks, they cost different amount of coins and they grant you a different amount of points (upon performing stunt), some give you 100 points another can give you 400 points, it depends on trick itself. These tricks are very important and they allow you to collect a decent amount of points.

Potty Racers 2 is a pretty good game, with new upgrades and improvements it won’t make you feel bored.