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Not so possible – Impossible Quiz online

Impossible Quiz Online is a game one of its own kind which is quite an entertaining, unique and a very popular among the online players.


There is a long list of players playing the Unblocked Impossible Quiz online and competing with the worldwide players and having a great pleasure playing it. It’s a game which will never let any person get bored. For those who wants a real challenging puzzle to solve The Impossible Quiz is their dream game. The game doesn’t include any specific questions related to any particular subject, the player needs to answer the most appropriate with logical reasoning and mind reaction. The player should be careful not take the game VERY SERIOUSLY. Because the intention of the developer of the game is not the announce the winner worldwide but to amuse player and develop a whole new thinking perspective. It is a game which gives you the chance to beat the most genius or toppers of the class easily. So just invite them over and take the revenge.

Every player has 3 lives at the start of the game when a person runs out of the lives game player is forced to start from the very beginning. The game will start with a question or a task after answering to it, players difficulty level will eventually increase. The timer will also go on along the quiz. Be sure about the question asked in the game because the very question asked is not the simple and straightforward as it looks. Even the simple question can trick you in ways you never expected. There are 120 different types of questions or task to which a player need to answer/solve without getting frustrated.


Gaming controls
The game is basically a mouse-based. A person having a touch screen can also play it with ease. Just think before you go for the correct answer.
Enjoy Quizzing…

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