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Potty Racers 2

Potty Racers 2Now about second version of the game, idea stays the same, jump as far as you can with your vehicle, earn as many points as it is possible, perform many stunts and tricks, earn high scores, visit shop and buy new upgrades to improve your results.

Potty Racers 2 was released shortly after the first version, game was so popular that developers created second version with decent improvements, so if you have completed all challenges in the first version of the game, bought all upgrades and unlocked all stunts, you can start to do the same thing here, you will find it very interesting that there are couple of new additions, new upgrades and new challenges as well, one of the main events is the possibility to transform your vehicle into flying machine and cover huge distances.

One more addition to this version of the game is goal system, it works in the following way: in order to play at the next level you will have to accomplish goal first, for example you will have to fly 1500 feet or something like that.

One more important thing to note, be careful when performing different stunts, make sure that you still have enough space or you will land on your head and that will cause some big loss in points.

Few words about tricks, in total you have four unlockable tricks, they cost different amount of coins and they grant you a different amount of points (upon performing stunt), some give you 100 points another can give you 400 points, it depends on trick itself. These tricks are very important and they allow you to collect a decent amount of points.

Potty Racers 2 is a pretty good game, with new upgrades and improvements it won’t make you feel bored.

The Impossible Quiz – Funny & Entertaining Game

The Impossible Quiz - Funny & Entertaining Game
Ahh… the lovely world of Flash games. There are thousands and thousands of those out there – most of which look like they’re made by a bored ten-year-old. Well, The Impossible Quiz is no exception, yet it has somehow managed to gain quite some popularity over the years. This article will serve you as a beginner’s guide to what might turn out to be a very addictive, fun game to play when you find yourself having nothing to do on a rainy day.

This is a Flash game, which means that the controls are very easy(Little Alchemy). You’ll do fine even without a keyboard — all you need is a mouse and you’re good to go. Don’t get spooked off by the main menu which looks like it’s been designed on MS Paint. Once you press play, you’ll dive into a world full of absurd, yet funny questions. In Pacman everything is even more simple you just use arrow keys, pretty easy right? By the way this legendary game is now available on flash platform as well, interested?

The idea of the game is simple. You have three lives, and all you have to do is answer a number of questions correctly. If you do that, you’ll win the game! Don’t give up just yet, though, this is anything but your average, boring trivia game. Most of the questions don’t necessarily make much sense. It’s the absurdity of the questions that makes this game so funny and addictive. You most likely won’t pass the game on your first try, and of course you aren’t one to give up so easily! Before you notice it, you’ve spent hours trying to figure out if a match can box, or calculating the square root of onion.

For most questions, you’re given four alternatives. Click on the one you believe is correct, and ta da! You’re through to the next question. If your answer is wrong, you’ll lose a life. In some cases you might notice that the correct answer might not even be any of the four alternatives! The game requires you to do some out-of-the-box thinking — after a few terrifying (or not) “game over” screens, you will no longer wonder why the quiz is so impossible.

All in all, if you’re looking for a game to rescue you from having to study for that math test, or if you’re simply looking for cheap entertainment, this might be the game for you. Don’t get too frustrated, though — you WILL find yourself in a situation where you’ll have to guess whether or not an eyeball is food. (Hint: it’s not.)

Good luck, and more importantly, have fun!