Play World of Solitaire Online 247

While Solitaire is one of the earliest games since the onset of the digital generation, World of Solitaire represents the new era’s version of this game. It has all the features and finesse of the mother solitaire albeit it comes with enhanced graphics and modern ways of playing. Besides the authentic feel coupled with the sleek interface, it comes with a total of 22 different levels for a single player, making it arguably the most popular browser-based game. From the classic Klondike to Yukon, Scorpion, Pyramid, it is even argued that everyone knows, at least, a single version of this game.

Instructions for the Game
As addictive as it is, World of Solitaire is a game of skill, strategy, and a bit of luck. The computer deals all the 52 playing cards into seven columns of cards, and their placement on each column keeps increasing up until the right-most column. While the left-most card is a single card facing up, the last column on the right-hand side has just one facing up and the subsequent ones facing down.

Those cards appearing in the top part are only eligible for play and with the concept of descending order and color alternation, playing this game is quite easy. An ace creates the foundation and upon moving a card, the next one automatically becomes the top-facing card. You will be required to use the allocated time sparingly and transfer the deck to form four foundations. Further instructions are available at each level.

Controls of the Game
Your computer mouse is fundamentally the playing gadget as the controls mainly dwell on its point-and-click functionalities. You just Drag the card, move it to your intended foundation and Drop it. Additionally, there’s no harm in using the mouse to experiment on each of the various levels’ settings.
Apparently, this game offers that much-needed version of solitaire; the enhanced version. With the graphics so smooth and the design so immaculate, it will indeed revive the old feeling of this game. No downloads are required, and it is perfect for your relaxation.